Kazo Studios

Kazo Studios is a team of 10 experienced web3 natives, inhouse creatives, developers and marketers, founded to pursue the enhancement and betterment of the stories and realms that we explore as web3 afficiandos. The team has combined experienced over multiple ecosystems since 2019 and have come together to combine our strengths to build out amazing products.

Core team

0xNatsu (Founder)

0xNatsu is a seasoned web3 individual with strong prior experience in crypto roles, with a deep understanding of foundation and ecosystem operations. Having spent time across various chains and projects as both and investor and contributor, he has developed a keen acumen on key success factors for projects and teams.

Hotate (Growth and Marketing Lead)

Meet Hotate, our Growth & Marketing Lead. Hotate has been immersed in web3 and has fallen in love ever since the major emergence of DeFi in late 2020. Having explored everything from BNB summer to the latest and greatest L1/L2 campaigns, Hotate is always keen to find out more about what makes people tick and come back for more.

0xBazooka (Developer Lead)

0xBazooka has had extensive experience in top tier web2 firms as well as in the web3 space. In his free time, 0xBazooka enjoys travelling to various dev meets and hackathons to tinker with new products - and of course, win them all.

0xBazooka is unstoppable, and in his words: Code. Debug. Repeat

Sakura (Creative and Design Lead)

Introducing Sakura, our visionary Creative and Design Lead. With an artistic flair and a keen eye for aesthetics, Sakura transforms ideas into captivating visual experiences. Sakura has had extensive experience with various NFT and DeFi projects, conceptualising and designing user flows and experiences from start to finish. She brings a wealth of experience to Kazo Studios.

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