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The New World: The Guild

Centuries ago, when the world was gripped by chaos and uncertainty, a group of visionary scholars, warriors, and seekers of knowledge came together to form an alliance known as the Guild. Their founding purpose was to safeguard ancient wisdom, preserve forgotten lore, and ensure that the lessons of the past would guide humanity towards a brighter future.

The Guild's origins trace back to a time when the world teetered on the brink of collapse. Wars okravaged nations, dark forces threatened to engulf civilization, and the very fabric of knowledge seemed at risk of being lost forever. Recognizing the urgent need to unite and protect the world's collective wisdom, these extraordinary individuals set aside their differences, forging a pact that would endure for generations to come.

As the centuries passed, the Guild grew in stature and influence, becoming the bastion of wisdom and the guardian of the world's most coveted secrets. They amassed a vast repository of knowledge, spanning the realms of science, magic, history, and philosophy. This formidable knowledge was carefully safeguarded within their hallowed archives, accessible only to those deemed worthy and trusted by the Guild.

With time, the Guild's focus expanded beyond mere preservation. They recognized the need to actively explore and discover new frontiers of knowledge, unveiling the secrets of uncharted lands and forgotten civilizations. It was during one such exploration that the seismic event of 2125 occurred, leading to the discovery of the enigmatic island of Iora.

Isle Iora

In the year 2125, a cataclysmic event shook the planet to its core, unleashing intense seismic upheavals and giving birth to a mysterious island known as Iora. Located in the distant reaches of the unknown, this enigmatic landmass emerged from the depths of the ocean. Extensive research unveiled the existence of scattered relics scattered across Iora, harboring invaluable knowledge and secrets waiting to be unraveled.

The Guild has established that these relics contain valuable information of the geography and nature of the island. If more is to be discovered, more relics have to be unearthed

KAZO Expeditionary Group

Entranced by the potential revelations concealed within these relics, the esteemed Guild sought the aid of a daring expeditionary group called KAZO , formerly known as K4Z0. Comprised of diverse tribes of seasoned explorers, each with their own storied past and unique expertise, KAZO embarked on a noble quest to unveil the mysteries of Iora and recover these precious relics.

However, not every venture would yield success. Some relics were nothing more than empty vessels, devoid of the ancient wisdom they were meant to contain. Yet, for those fortunate enough, every discovered relic held untold power and knowledge. Kazo strived to unearth relics of three distinct tiers: the resolute Bronze, the illustrious Silver, and the revered Gold. Each tier held a different magnitude of significance, with only a select few relics holding the key to advancing the expedition.

The Cartographer Bears Gifts

The Guild has assigned the Cartographer to Kazo, whose role was to meticulously examine and verify the importance of each relic. Armed with expertise and wisdom, the Cartographer would visit Kazo's camp every week, bearing a trove of rewards to honor those who successfully deciphered the true value of the relics.

Adventure Beyond the Shimmering Shores

Despite the allure of these relics, Iora remained a treacherous and untamed realm. The Guild declared that only a fraction of the island's southernmost region, aptly named the Shimmering Shores, was accessible and safe for exploration. The remaining expanses of Iora were strictly off-limits, their secrets withheld until further notice. With every expedition and every relic discovered, Kazo inched closer to acquiring the knowledge necessary to unlock the forbidden lands and explore the uncharted realms that lay beyond the Shimmering Shores.

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