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The expeditionary group commissioned by the Guild, comprised of diverse tribes united in their pursuit of uncovering the secrets of Iora and recovering its precious relics.

2. Iora

The enigmatic island that emerged from intense seismic activity, shrouded in mystery and holding untold treasures and ancient knowledge.

Shimmering Shores

The accessible southernmost part of Iora, designated as the initial exploration area for KAZO. It serves as a testing ground for uncovering knowledge that will pave the way to other regions of the island.

3. Relics

Precious artifacts scattered across Iora, each harboring invaluable information and power. They come in different tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and are the focal point of KAZO's quest.

Iron Relics

Relics of the lowest tier, containing essential information for KAZO's expedition. These artifacts provide valuable insights into Iora's history and guide the explorers forward.

Silver Relics

Mid-tier Relics that hold greater significance and unlock hidden pathways and chambers within Iora. They offer deeper knowledge of the island's secrets and aid in overcoming its trials.

Gold Relics

The most revered tier of Relics, bearing profound information critical to KAZO's mission. These Relics unlock the ancient powers of Iora, granting access to uncharted realms and shaping the future of exploration.

4. The Guild

An esteemed alliance of scholars, warriors, and seekers of knowledge, dedicated to preserving ancient wisdom, understanding the secrets of Iora, and guiding humanity towards a brighter future.

The Cartographer

A member of the Guild entrusted with verifying the importance of the Relics. The Cartographer visits KAZO's camp weekly, rewarding those who successfully decipher the true value of the Relics.

5. Clans

The KAZO expeditionary group consists of the best of the best from four main clans, each with their own remarkable backstories and unique abilities.

Human Clan

The most abundant clan within Kazo, were known for their adaptability and resourcefulness. They hailed from diverse backgrounds and possessed a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations of intrepid explorers.

Fire Clan

A clan within KAZO possessing a unique affinity for fire manipulation. They unlock fire-based enchantments and discover the volatile nature of Iora through their fiery touch.

Lightning Clan

A clan in KAZO with the ability to harness and control lightning. They unravel the intricate mechanisms and pathways of Iora through their connection to electricity, guiding the expedition forward.

Ethereal Clan

A rare lineage within KAZO that communes with spirits and navigates the ethereal plane. They unlock the spiritual essence within the relics, decipher ethereal codes, and overcome spiritual obstacles.

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