The KAZO expeditionary group consists of the best of the best from four main clans, each with their own remarkable backstories and unique abilities.


The Vanguard, the most abundant clan within Kazo, were known for their adaptability and resourcefulness. They hailed from diverse backgrounds and possessed a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations of intrepid explorers. These courageous individuals had honed their skills through countless expeditions, making them the backbone of Kazo. Their unwavering determination and practical approach made them an indispensable asset to the team.


The Pyro clan, descendants of a lineage intertwined with ancient volcanoes and primordial flames, harnessed the raw power of fire. Their mastery of pyromancy enabled them to manipulate and control flames with exceptional precision. By interacting with the relics, the Pyro clan unlocked the latent fire-based enchantments and ancient fire rituals, unveiling the island's volatile nature and illuminating the secrets guarded by inferno-laden trials. With their fiery prowess, they not only wielded flames as weapons but also channeled the elemental energy to forge new paths and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


On the other hand, the Tempest clan embodied the electrifying forces of nature. Their bloodline traced back to an ancient storm deity, granting them a unique connection to lightning and thunder. Through their innate ability to summon and direct lightning bolts, they unleashed the raw power of electricity upon the relics. By doing so, the Tempest clan deciphered intricate circuits and concealed conduits within the relics, unraveling the island's intricate mechanisms and unlocking long-forgotten chambers and devices. Their mastery over lightning not only granted them immense power but also facilitated the navigation of Iora's electrically charged landscapes.


The Ethereal clan, an exceptionally rare and enigmatic group, possessed a profound connection to the spiritual realm. Descendants of ancient lineages with ties to ethereal energies, they held a delicate balance between the living and the supernatural. Gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits and harness ethereal powers, they brought a mysterious aura to Kazo. Their esoteric knowledge and spectral abilities proved invaluable in navigating the mystical aspects of Iora and uncovering hidden truths.

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